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July 29, 2015


Craftcount tracks Etsy top sellers via the sales count in every category and country, updated every 24 hours. The information is restricted to show only sellers with 1,000 sales and over.

Use the search button to find your listing on Craftcount. If your shop name is missing use the “Register My Shop” button to list your shop on Craftcount. (Please note only shops with over 1,000 sales will show up on the lists. If you register your shop with fewer sales, your listing will be maintained until you hit 1,000)

Steps to Register

Upon clicking, 4 things will be asked of you:

1.Username i.e. the name you use to sign into Etsy or can also be found when you click on your profile link -{username}

Please note: This field is extremely important as Craftcount uses it to pull data from Etsy API to update your daily sales tracker. If you find your numbers not updating please check that this field is filled in correctly.

2.Shop Name – self-explanatory and can be different from your username.

3.Main Category – Either Handmade, Vintage, Supplies or Mixed (if you sell a mixture that would fall in either of the main categories)


a) You can list in only one category so kindly include yourself in the category most suitable to your shop. If you sell a mixture that would fit in several categories, please consider either classifying yourself in the category where you sell the most or including yourself in the Handmade>Mixed category. I will be reviewing all self-listed entries to ensure the integrity of the site is maintained.

b) I’ve tried as much as possible to adhere to Etsy's original categories to make life simple and where it makes sense break it one level further. I continue to take requests about category additions/modifications. If you have any specific requests in this area please drop me a note.

c) If you need to make a change to your listing please drop me note at


The numbers pulled here are purely for information purposes and are publicly available on Etsy.


For any questions, contact us at


Ad space available on the top and side bar spots. The ads rotate through the pages and link directly to your store/website.


Ad Size: 150 X 100 (jpg, jpeg format only)

1 Week: US$ 7
2 Weeks: US$ 12
4 Weeks: US$ 20

To advertise send me an email at with your image and ad link and kindly specify which date you want your ad to start and for how long.

Make your payments via PayPal only to

Thank you for considering Craftcount for your advertising!